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It is our roots, our pillar of strength.
Always evolving and adapting.
Living within us.
We pondered, how could we bring
a little piece of ourselves to the puzzle?
Something personal, truly unique.
The result lies in your hands.


Tal, Tel aviv

We just got married and looked for a new
mezuza to decorate our doorstep. I could not wish for a better choice!

Phillip, Columbus, OH

As a family of diaspora Jews, we are always trying to bring another part of our Holy Land to our home in the US. Its so special to us that the technology for creating this piece was developed in Israel!

Justin, Los Angeles, CA

Our son got married and we wanted to create a
one-of-a-kind mezuza for him. The Youdaica
team was incredible. Together we brought our family’s  Jewish values to life.

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