What is Judaica?

Judaica, or Jewish ceremonial art, refers to an array of objects used by the Jewish people for ritual purposes. It has been a long-standing tradition to commission these objects by craftsmen and artists because the Mitzvah is enhanced with the beauty of the object being used. From the Kippah to the Tefilin, from the Menorah to the Seder plate, Jewish people hold a plethora of Judaica objects to assist them in the practice of keeping Mitzvot, both for everyday life, as well as on the holy days. 

The Mezuzah is composed of two parts, the scroll unto which the first part of the Shema prayer is inscribed, rolled from left to right, and a protective case to encompass it, affixed to the doorway. True to tradition, the purpose of the Mezuzah is to remind us of God, as well as of our purpose in the world, each time we enter or exit a room. 

Here at YouDaica, we are striving to incorporate you into this beautiful tradition through the creation of a personalized piece of art. Together, we will create a unique Judaica piece, specially designed and crafted for you.

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