YouDaica was formed by a small, passionate team who imagined a grand idea. We dreamed of creating beautifully crafted, exceptional pieces of Judaica, diligently designed and personalized. Works of art expertly crafted by a talented team of professional designers, with the option of being customizable and personally adapted if one desires to do so. 

We are a small company who specialize ourselves on working hand in hand with our customers, together during every step of the way, in order to make each piece as unique and meaningful as possible. We’re proud of long way we’ve come, after countless hours trying different materials and processes, and designing piece after piece, we finally managed to reach the superb quality and exquisite appearance of our cutting edge, 3D printed Judaica.

Now is your time to immerse yourself in the process and embark on our mutual journey. Let us work together to bring all your deepest Jewish values and beliefs to life.

Jewish Art Never Seen Before


Tradition Vision Roots Adapting Unique

Does it have to be a part of the old world?
Could we make things a bit different?
How would the 21st century Jewish tradition look like?
We went on a journey to find out.
And brought your deepest Jewish values to life.
The result lies in your hands.

Jewish Art Never Seen Before

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